All Staff and Dealers,

Our objective and our mission:

DAF and Kenworth trucks feature heavily in the essential sectors within the transport industry.  It is therefore critical that in these challenging times, we do our very best to work with our customers that we continue to function, with a scaled down crew to support the Nation.

During the next four weeks, Southpac Trucks will provide parts and service support to essential sectors within the transport industry.

The most obvious essential transport sectors are:

  • Fuel transport for service stations, truck stops, marine and aviation fuel.
  • Transport for supermarket and of essential consumer products.
  • Refrigerated and chilled products and vegetable transport.
  • Primary sector agricultural-rural sector, food supply.
  • Primary sector livestock transport, sheep and beef etc.

We are in the process of scaling back service levels in order to provide support to essential transport providers such as transport operators that are in the business of transporting essential products.

The changes by department are:

Parts & Parts Warehouse:
We will reduce staff levels to meet the demand for essential transport service providers and will continue to accept inbound air and ocean freight and dispatch essential truck parts.
A number of national carrier and courier companies have already confirmed today that they will continue to collect and deliver freight to Southpac.
After hour parts call out staff will be able to access the warehouse for parts for emergency service repairs.

The Hobill Avenue Hamilton and Rotorua truck workshops:
We have scaled back staff levels, to ensure operators of essential transport services are able to continue to operate their trucks.
After hour service breakdown call out service vehicles for both mechanical and electrical repairs will continue to be available.
We have split our service teams into groups to ensure that if a staff member does become infected, that only one team goes down, not all technicians.
We will prioritise service, to make sure emergency breakdowns take priority over scheduled services.

CSD Warranty:
Hans Meeuws and Jeremy Lowe are working remotely from home via Citrix and mobiles and will be able to support dealers with warranty support, accept claims, and process claims to Kenworth and DAF.

Technical Truck support and training:
Jon Mitchell, Daniel Ince and Thomas Wilcox will work remotely from home via Citrix and mobiles, they are available to you via their mobiles to provide you with technical service support.
Furthermore, our technical staff are able via TeamViewer to access your remote diagnostic tools and talk you through challenging faults to help you get essential trucks back in service.
Daniel Ince will continue to support staff in order for them to complete their online E-Learning training.

New DAF and Kenworth Truck preparation:
Aaron Headington’s team are getting everything out that they can in the next 48 hours. After which, that department will remain closed for the next four weeks.

Each branch is scaling back parts and service staff to a minimum level to provide support to the essential transport sector.

Our Administration staff:
Our IT staff have enabled all our administration team to work remotely and continue to provide payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable support to our staff and our customers.

Other actions already implemented:
Vulnerable staff with underlying health issues have been sent home.

Kenworth and DAF Truck sales:
Sales staff are already working from home.
Sales management and administration, Richard Smart, Ian Garnett and Errol Riley will work from home to support sales staff, place orders, and process change orders and assist with the importation of trucks.
Jo Bullot will assist with sales administration support as it arises.

Continuity of supply:
Southpac has a reputation for carrying excessive inventory of parts and new trucks and we have supply arrangements in place with all divisions of PACCAR, in Australia, multiple warehouses in the United States and in Europe to ensure essential parts and new trucks continue to be available.

We have to be, and we will, be there for our customers.  We will do whatever it takes to leave no stone unturned to keep the wheels of essential transport sector turning safely.

Maarten Durent | CEO
Southpac Trucks Ltd